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Nigeria Connection

Hmmm… well, those Nigeria Con­nec­tion emails are quite funny, aren’t they? I’d be a bil­lion­aire if I’d answered only 110 of them. Ok. Now, it’s a well known fact that these guys are not very talented in writing or trans­lat­ing these letters. Letters written in German are just as funny as trans­la­tions by Altav­ista’s Babelfish or any other free automated trans­la­tion program. But … what’s that:

[…] I am in search of an agent to assist us in the transfer of ($15.5M)FIFTY MILLION, FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND

Fitfy and fifteen. The pro­noun­ci­ation is quite similar. That’s, however, not that obvious for four and five. For me $50.4M sound much better than piffling $15.5M. But … it’s only me.

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Physiker: “Wie bekommt man einen bestim­mten Strom durch einen Wider­stand?”
Inform­atiker: Mit Gewalt!!!!!!!!

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Ireland Trip

The photos of my trip to Ireland are online now. Some are quite nice, some are not.