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Dear Prof. Dr. Philip Baer,


Great! A few minutes ago I didn’t even know that I’ve finished my phd already… :)


Our Robots

Our robot is finally getting reality! Yesterday, we visited the Kassel Uni­ver­sity procision engin­eer­ing depart­ment. We catched a glimpse of the base platform, on which the three motors will be mounted. It really looks great! Many, many thanks to the guys from the precision engin­eer­ing depart­ment! They’re great, really great!

I’ve put some photos on hhmmmm (german only). The one attached shows the base platform with three omni-wheels. The grip of the leftmost wheel was improved by slipping an inner tube over each of the ortho­gon­al wheels.

Robbie Base IV

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Trusted Computing

This movie is worth looking at, really! I don’t let the industry tell me what is allowed on my computers and what is not! They simply have no legit­im­a­tion.

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Naivety, regret­tably is the most con­flict­ing quality.

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Heard, anyone?

I know, I’m always a bit late. Just a few minutes ago, I came across Ciphire Mail. They — a company from Munich, Germany — claim to have created a con­veni­ent crypto-system for email com­mu­nic­a­tion. It is a proxy solution for POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. The crypto part relies on the common ciphers (symm and asymm) and signature algoritms. It is posi­tioned as an easy-to-use altern­at­ive to PGP and S/MIME.

Has anybody intalled it? I’ll give it a try the next weeks… let’s see what this marketing drivel is all about :)

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Kryptotag 3

On thursday I gave my second talk at the third Kryptotag in Darmstadt. It was as inter­est­ing as the last time. A really great idea to organize something like this in Germany, par­tic­u­larly because security and crypto­logy is a bit under­rep­res­en­ted here.

I’ve put the slides and the abstract here.

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I’m currently invest­ig­at­ing Mono.Cairo for some projects I’m involved to. Since there’s no to easy to use Cairo-based canvas element available at the moment, I’m about to create a simple new one. During the last two days I got stuck at a memory leak: once I moved some element on my pretty, pretty, pretty simple canvas field, all my memory got eaten up. I’ve checked every piece of code — it’s not that much, only a few lines so far :) — but it seemed to be an issue with the Cairo-Mono-binding I found somewhere on the Internet.

Today, just some minutes ago, I decided to search some mailing­lists and newsgroup for this problem et voilà, here’s the solution: http://…/gmane.comp.gnome.mono.summer-of-code/163. Michał Dominik K., the developer of DIVA and a par­ti­cipant of the Summer of Code project of the Mono effort, published the solution in the coordin­a­tion list. Thanks! :)

Starting with 2.8 the GTK library natively supports Cairo. The function gdk\_cairo\_create(GdkDrawable *) creates a surface with no memory leakage :). The full source for Gdk.Graphics is shown below. It’s linux-only for now.

using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using Cairo;

namespace Gdk
	public class Graphics
		private Graphics() {}

		internal static extern IntPtr gdk_cairo_create(
                IntPtr handle);

		public static Cairo.Graphics CreateDrawable(
                Gdk.Drawable drawable)
            return new Cairo.Graphics(


Wednesday morning. No clouds. It’s warm outside. I decide to read up on some papers accepted at workshops and meetings. They’re dealing with cryp­to­graphy. Cryp­to­graphy is cool by the way.

Then, out of the blue there appears a paper. It’s title reads very similar to the one I’ve written. I click on it, store it, and I read it. Even the content is very similar. The workshop and the meeting on which the paper was accepted took place about two months ago. Hmmm… shit :)

It’s not funny when you realize that somebody else had a similar idea only two months ago. I even had a job interview at this depart­ment back in autumn last year. That’s funny. Maybe they’re inter­ested in a cooper­a­tion? I’m a bit more inter­ested in network com­mu­nic­a­tion, group com­mu­nic­a­tion, in unreali­able envir­on­ments, in adapt­a­tion in com­mu­nic­a­tion scenarios. And of course: security (thus con­fid­en­ti­al­ity, integrity, avail­ab­il­ity) in there.

Hhmmmm. I feel a bit strange — just as I did the last days. Let’s see what’s coming next. On thursday next week (15. Sept. 2005) I give a short talk at the Kryptotag in Darmstadt. It’s about my project. Hhmmmm.