Coding Style

A compiler is a thing that takes some input, processes it in some way, and drops out some output. It normally also outputs inform­a­tion to the terminal for the developer. It’s not that difficult to under­stand and there are hundreds of compilers out there that work this way. Well known, mainly in relation to pro­gram­ming and compiling is Emacs, a kind of meta operating system which can be used to, among other things, edit files.

Now the developers of Mono have decided to make the Mono compiler (g)mcs “Emacs Aware” (M. d. Icaza). This means that the compiler adapts its textual output to the envir­on­ment it is running in; better: it adapts solely to Emacs by sup­press­ing inform­a­tion. IMHO this is bad style. It is the editor’s, console’s, whatever­’s respons­ib­il­ity to correctly display the output of programs executed by and in it. By adapting the programs’ behavior instead of letting the dis­play­ing process handle output rendering, things will get even worse.

Finally saying “is not a bug, it’s a feature” (M. d. Icaza) really makes me believe that the Mono framework will never improve. It might thus keep its inde­term­in­ist­ic and somewhat unre­li­able behavior.


Intelligent Design

Yesterday, after visiting the video store and cooking something for my long awaited Friday evening meal, I decided to not watch the movie I fetched. It actually was a quite too odd film, so I decided to zap a bit. After watching comedy series here, some doc­u­ment­ar­ies there, I suddenly stopped. Phoenix, a highly regarded German news channel, screened a doc­u­ment­ary on Intel­li­gent Design. Yes, about cre­ation­ists, their theory, and their tricks. I was aston­ished, puzzled, and afraid. For me it always was mostly an American problem but it seems that fun­da­ment­al­ists are spread all over the world.

Cre­ation­ists and sci­ent­ists were inter­viewed. I can’t believe that there are people want to reanimate the dark ages!? Religion and politics, religion and science must not be mixed up. Teaching children sci­en­tific­ally unproven theories in school is unac­cept­able! Letting teachers tell pupils in biology or some other sci­entif­ic class things about the earth being something between 6000 and 20000 years old, or stories about some meta-person that has designed and created the earth in a few days or years is criminal in my opinion! Even worse, this dis­crim­in­ates other religions because hints towards the one Christian god are obvious.

The main problem here is that children are always taught to believe adults and espe­cially teachers. Letting teachers teach their pupils their personal view is abuse of duty! Children should not be taught what to believe but decide by their own. In science it is okay and welcomed to review other theories as well, but only sci­entif­ic theories. Cre­ation­ism is no sci­entif­ic theory, it is a religious one. It still is, and will remain, a theory–a wrong one in my opinion!

The best scene in the whole doc­u­ment­ary was the interview with an Austrian arch­bish­op, the one of Vienna, I think. He adjudged the Intel­li­gent Design movement and the Cre­ation­ists as being kind of stupid. They should not have mixed up religion with science, this was wrong, he said. The catholic church as a whole does not support this movement in any way!

Religion is okay, as long as I do not have to believe something that I per­son­ally refuse. Fun­da­ment­al­ists are a thread for man, inde­pend­ent of their religion!