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Sarcastic comment

IC 2022
IC 2022

It’s about half past ten. I’m in the train (IC 2022) from Bonn back to Bremen.

At the moment we’re about 70min92min delayed because of a deadly accident somewhere between Osnabrück and Bremen. In the small town Bassum the 400 pas­sen­gers of the train involved in the accident were trans­ferred to our train, so it’s quite crowded now as you can see on the picture on the right.

Then I acci­dent­ally thought “Well, most of the pas­sen­gers seem to be about to attend the Kirchentag in Bremen and it was their train that took one’s life…”

But well, it’s actually the fault of this now less alive person. Poor chief guard, something like this must be a really horrible exper­i­ence…

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Short trip to Graz

Last weekend I visited a friend of mine in Graz, Austria. It was really great: great City, great people, great weekend. Thanks a lot for putting up with me! :)

I’ll upload some pictures during the next days. However, I’ll be on the road (better: in the air) again next weekend, dropping over to a friend in Bristol, UK.