29. September

Heute bist du 86 geworden, nur gibt’s leider nichts mehr zu feiern. Wir vermissen dich. U&P


Panorama: City of Erfurt

I finally managed to stitch together the images I took during my visit of Erfurt, Thuringa, last month. I’m actually quite happy with the result.

Panorama of Erfurt, Thuringa, Germany

City of Erfurt, Thuringa

Binary World Work

algorithm2e module for LyX

Even though it’s quite straight­for­ward to realise, I’ve created a new algorithm2e module for LyX (> 1.6.0). It adds support (as a float envir­on­ment; thanks to Chris for that) for the algorithm2e class (instead of algorithm):

Maybe it’s useful for some of you out there.

Update 2012-12-23: As I have disabled my local FTP server, please download the module and the example from github or just clone the repos­it­ory.
Update 2010-12-01: Uploaded a new test case that demon­strates how to use the new a2e module: a2e-ex.lyx.
Update 2010-10-28:
Uploaded a test case that demon­strates how to use the algorithm2e module: a2ex.lyx. I still have to fix the module, though…