End of the Year

End of the Year

It’s the same (procedure) every year: people start thinking about what to change in the new year, or even worse: what to change with the dawn of the new year’s first day. In most cases, these ideas are scrapped quite quickly. I’m quite sure that you all know what I mean. I don’t like the idea of forcing changes, especially regarding changes in one’s way of living, attitude, or behaviour. Sad but true, people are trying to force other people to change something quite frequently. That doesn’t work with me. Admittedly, that’s not entirely true. It works in the sense that I will most probably react in a way that was not intended by the other person. Kind of bucking the trend. That’s me :)

Airport People

Airport People: Almost always in a hurry

The last days I (again) thought about a lot of things. On Wednesday, when I walked through and sat around in Bremen’s airport, I watched the people around me. They were walking, talking, hurrying, waiting, greeting, going, chatting, laughing, dreaming, hoping, being wild with excitement, had a thrill of anticipation. These are only some attributes I noticed; the last one might be quite well known for one or two readers. The excitement I actually perceived only with two individuals: a woman that had just arrived from London and a dog that was so excited about the arrival of a couple (I suppose) that he (or she) spun and twisted around him- or herself like mad. It’s really, really interesting to think about the stories that cause such emotional behaviour. Especially airports and rail stations are places where you can observe a broad range of excitements, it’s fascinating. I’m normally quite neutral in the sense that … well, just neutral, you know? :)

Currently, I’m currently on holiday, just doing nothing except things I like. This includes trying to avoid any reachable computer device (except for answering emails or writing blog entries in the evenings). It’s great, I hate computer I have to admit. It’s not possible without them but also not with them. This also implies that there’s enough time to recap what happened the last year. Coming back to the initial topic, I just wanted to say that I never want to be so stupid, so self-destructive, and dump like sometimes in the last years. Would be great if (whoever reads this mostly redundant post) could remind me of that (for now and the upcoming years)! Thanks and have a nice end of the year :)