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Gallery Moved

I finally decided to move my gallery to a (more spe­cial­ised) service provider. Maybe you already noticed the new naming scheme. Even though Menalto Gallery is a great piece of software, I wanted to have an easy-to-use, safe solution that does not require manual software updates or upgrades to be installed. I’m getting lazy, I know :)

So, the new gallery is still reachable via but it will be redir­ec­ted to Unfor­tu­nately, SmugMug offers no secured con­nec­tions to the user galleries. You will further need to enable JavaS­cript, just in case you deac­tiv­ated it.

Please do not be alarmed by the new domain name of missing cap­ab­il­it­ies of the new service. I hope you still enjoy browsing through my col­lec­tion and do not hesitate to comment or rate the pictures! :)