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Scheduled Downtime

All services will be unavail­able between 2010-05-10 (22:00) and 2010-05-11 (08:00) because Hetzner reor­gan­ises their infra­struc­ture.

This server will be moved to the new Hetzner Online Data Center Park in Falkenstein/Germany and hopefully be available again on Tuesday morning — I won’t be available so I’ll take care of some replace­ment admin just in case something goes wrong :)

Edit 2010-05-04: Due to some other issues, we had to switch over to a new server. Hence, we expect no further downtime.

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LXC Scripts for Ubuntu Lucid

In his blog, Nigel McNie provides a nice hands-on intro­duc­tion to LXC. Along with this, he provides us with a set of scripts that do the work quite nicely. I cloned that repos­it­ory and added a script for Ubuntu Lucid. It’s quite handy to me, sup­posedly also for somebody else out there?

A git repos­it­ory is available at GitHub:

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RoboCup GO 2010 Pictures

RoboCup German Open 2010, Magdeburg, Germany
RoboCup German Open 2010

It took a while but I finally managed to upload the pictures we took during the RoboCup German Open 2010 in Magdeburg. Just as usual, they are available in my gallery.

Actually, these pictures show only what happened during the weekend; I joined them on Saturday. We (they) finished just as every year, ranked fourth. No matter, have fun! :)

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Facebook Experiment

The Facebook exper­i­ment I started exactly one year ago ended almost ended yesterday. I decided to delete my account because of Face­book’s privacy policy. It’s just ridicu­lous, far beyond common sense and I really don’t see a reason for accepting something that stupid.