A Trip to İYTE, Part III

A Trip to İYTE, Part III

This moring I realised that leaving my shoes outside is really not a so good idea. It seems that something (probably a dog) took one of my shoes and … well, it’s gone. Thankfully, I still have one pair. When going back to the City of Izmir, I’ll have to have a look at the bazaar in search for shoes. The ones left are definitively not suited very well for the weather in Germany — about 26°C less than here in Turkey.

Tuesday again was a warm day, even though it would have get a bit “colder”. Even though we only had around 36°C, the afternoon was reserved for my book. In the morning, the air conditioned computer engineering department helped forgetting the dry outside and eventuelly, I also didn’t see the sun that often. A discussion about some ideas for joint projects and a possible erasmus cooperation almost concluded that second day at İYTE.

One thing still open on my todo list for that: pay the guest house. Seemed to me like a quite straight forward idea but again, the language problem showed up. Almost nobody I met on and around the campus is able to speak or understand the English language. With a little bit of gesturing, however, things get manageable again. The very nice guy from the security in the dean’s office tried to guide me into the right direction and offered me a bagfull of Turkish words I really wasn’t able to translate into something more useful to me. Ok, I admit that one should probably be better prepared when travelling to a foreign country. As it was only one week, I decided to go with only English, though. Finally, after talking or gesturing to two more persons (to be honest, I just showed them a post-it with the department and the name of the responsible person written to it), both of them very, very nice and very helpful, I reached my destination and was able to pay. Ten minutes later I let the building, headed towards the computer science department and again stayed there for some minutes to enjoy the well-temperatured air and use a free internet access.

Considering the WLAN thingy, there’s something to say here. In one of the previous posts I mentioned that there is free WLAN available on the campus. Well, yes, there are open access points but the one I used in the beginning was shut down on Monday. The second one I spotted worked quite well except that the signal was much worse. Yesterday evening, after having placed a phone call where I had to stand quite still in the middle of the street in order to have a well-balanced signal to no signal ratio, a guy from the security approached slowly. I decided to end the conversation and leave.

During my first day on the campus, I spotted several other open networks, each of which would have required me to walk more than thirty minutes one way. Yesterday, I spotted another two, one on the campus and one in a bar right next to the campus. But as I’ve decided to go to Izmir on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday it’s now obsolete anyway. But more on that tomorrow, once everything’s finished and packed again.