Carpe Notcem

Carpe Notcem

It’s been quite a while since I really wrote blog posts other than “oh, look, a thingy!”. But maybe I somehow manage to reanimate my blogging habits. I’ll try to start with a small one.

Some years ago, back in 2005, the Carpe Noctem Robotic Soccer team was established at the University of Kassel’s Distributed Systems Group. My close friend Roland and I, both quite long-term RoboCuppers who joined the global initiative in 2001, founded the team to, on the one hand have a starting point for our research. And true, on the other hand it’s just great fun to build and program robots and to attend real competitions :) Not only for us but also for (prospective) students.

Today, most of our former students got PhD students conducting their own research. Some took over the team lead and continued what we started back then: offering a platform for undergrads and graduate students where they can play, research, and sharpen their profile. To be honest I’m quite a bit proud of what we’ve achieved :)

For such a project, press coverage always is something that may attract external supporters or sponsors. In a sense, it also allows the public to take part in the development and progress. This is why I want to share two press releases of the current progress of the team, even though I’m not involved at all in the development any more. The first one is a newspaper article, the second one a YouTube video:

Great done guys and good luck in the Netherlands! :)