Today, the npw servers were down again between 11:20 and 18:40. Just like some months ago and somehow because of the same reason (i.e. a system update and a reboot but no kernel update), the VM host didn’t boot any more. It’s a Debian Lenny and Linux 2.6.26 with some…

Scheduled Downtime

All services will be unavailable between 2010-05-10 (22:00) and 2010-05-11 (08:00) because Hetzner reorganises their infrastructure. This server will be moved to the new Hetzner Online Data Center Park in Falkenstein/Germany and hopefully be available again on Tuesday morning — I won’t be available so I’ll take care of some…

Facebook Experiment

The Facebook experiment I started exactly one year ago ended almost ended yesterday. I decided to delete my account because of Facebook’s privacy policy. It’s just ridiculous, far beyond common sense and I really don’t see a reason for accepting something that stupid.