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I would have commented on YouTube but, well. No account, no comment. Hence, I decided to share the video here. One of the many black holes of the Internet.

Really, really inspiring. Will help decide young people what to do. Or what not to do. Either way, helps keeping the thoughts going crazy :) Thanks!

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There are quite a few services available (even for free to some degree) that analyse the DMARC [1, 2] domain and failure reports for a domain: DMARC analyzer and dmarcian are the most prominent examples, afaik.

I’ve also played with these services but… I just wanted to have a high-level view on what’s happening out there. Any maybe also do the analysis myself. This is why I checked out rddmarc and played with it a bit. The result (which is a very basic web interface) is now publicly available here: dmarc-stats.

A demo is also available.

Feel free to fork and improve :)

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The single-eyed that con­stantly reminds me of the obvious at work. In general, I mean :)

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Den Fotografen fotografieren

Jetzt hat es sich doch mal rentiert, einen Foto­grafen zu foto­grafier­en. Martin, unser Fotograf letztes Jahr, hat Fotos, die ich letztens von ihm geschossen habe, in einen Blogpost verbastelt. Freut mich, sehr sogar! :)

Behind the Scenes: standes­amt­liche Hochzeit in Ulm

Ich kann ihn außerdem wirklich bedin­gungslos empfehlen! Bei seiner Arbeit ist er sehr unauffäl­lig und die Fotos sind einfach spitze!

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Carpe Notcem

It’s been quite a while since I really wrote blog posts other than “oh, look, a thingy!”. But maybe I somehow manage to reanimate my blogging habits. I’ll try to start with a small one.

Some years ago, back in 2005, the Carpe Noctem Robotic Soccer team was estab­lished at the Uni­ver­sity of Kassel’s Dis­trib­uted Systems Group. My close friend Roland and I, both quite long-term Rob­oCup­pers who joined the global ini­ti­at­ive in 2001, founded the team to, on the one hand have a starting point for our research. And true, on the other hand it’s just great fun to build and program robots and to attend real com­pet­i­tions :) Not only for us but also for (pro­spect­ive) students.

Today, most of our former students got PhD students con­duct­ing their own research. Some took over the team lead and continued what we started back then: offering a platform for under­grads and graduate students where they can play, research, and sharpen their profile. To be honest I’m quite a bit proud of what we’ve achieved :)

For such a project, press coverage always is something that may attract external sup­port­ers or sponsors. In a sense, it also allows the public to take part in the devel­op­ment and progress. This is why I want to share two press releases of the current progress of the team, even though I’m not involved at all in the devel­op­ment any more. The first one is a newspaper article, the second one a YouTube video:

Great done guys and good luck in the Neth­er­lands! :)

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Firefox Colour Management

Yesterday, I finally uploaded some pictures to my gallery again. After quite some time (the jf Smugmug plugin is not that fast when talking about uploading; at least compared to the Smugmug native upload via the web browser as it seems to be single-threaded), I browsed through the gallery in order to check the quality. I really was shocked with what I saw: bleeding colours and far too extreme colour contrasts, the sat­ur­a­tion of some pictures seemingly was far too high.

As I have a (more or less) quite typical monitor con­fig­ur­a­tion (i.e. a laptop and a bigger screen for working with pictures and other colour-sensitive stuff), I dragged the browser window to the laptop’s screen to check the colours on another screen. And guess what: the colours looked great again. Ok, admit­tedly “great” should read “better” here as the laptop’s screen’s quality is far from great (Lenovo X200s). When looking back, I remember some strange redraw behaviour when dis­play­ing the pictures in Firefox, exactly for the areas in the image where colours went crazy. That was a hint I silently ignored.

What could be the reason? Linux’ colour man­age­ment? No, all right in that respect. Windows’s (running in a VM) colour managent? No, also no problem. I also could have wiped the ICC inform­a­tion from my pictures but that would not have been a solution but a tweak. To make a long story short: this is when I firs dis­covered Firefox’ colour man­age­ment cap­ab­il­it­ies [moz­illazine, gballard]. After disabling all that stuff, my pictures’ colours returned to normal again. Also not the best solution but the only one that works. Other browsers (such as Chromium) do not have colour man­age­ment built-in anyway.

To disable the colour man­age­ment in Firefox, simply go to about:config and set:


Maybe it doesn’t behave sane because of my monitor con­fig­ur­a­tion? Don’t really known. Maybe I’ll invest some more time to dig into that phe­nomen­on. Regard­less of that, I really should colour calibrate my monitors :)

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Dictionary Login Attack

It’s quite inter­est­ing to read through the system logs… well, not all the log entries but relevant portions thereof. Today, I found the following entries:

Jan 18 23:05:16 ... nslcd... "deutch": user not found
Jan 18 23:05:19 ... nslcd... "german": user not found
Jan 18 23:05:22 ... nslcd... "hitler": user not found
Jan 18 23:05:25 ... nslcd... "deutchland": user not found

Not that inventive these user names. However, it’s really irrit­at­ing to see what some people think German user names look like. I wonder what kind of person chose them and the typos :)

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RoboCup GO 2010 Pictures

RoboCup German Open 2010, Magdeburg, Germany
RoboCup German Open 2010

It took a while but I finally managed to upload the pictures we took during the RoboCup German Open 2010 in Magdeburg. Just as usual, they are available in my gallery.

Actually, these pictures show only what happened during the weekend; I joined them on Saturday. We (they) finished just as every year, ranked fourth. No matter, have fun! :)

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Facebook Experiment

The Facebook exper­i­ment I started exactly one year ago ended almost ended yesterday. I decided to delete my account because of Face­book’s privacy policy. It’s just ridicu­lous, far beyond common sense and I really don’t see a reason for accepting something that stupid.

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Thesis Template

Quite a few col­leagues and friends were inter­ested in the LaTeX template I used for my theses. As it clearly evolved during the last years, my diploma looks quite different, though :)

For those who are inter­ested: I just created a new webpage where you can download the archive. It contains both the LaTeX sources and LyX files. Feel free to use or modify them. I’d also be very happy to also receive comments or modi­fic­a­tions!

Have fun :)