There are quite a few services available (even for free to some degree) that analyse the DMARC [1, 2] domain and failure reports for a domain: DMARC analyzer and dmarcian are the most prominent examples, afaik. I’ve also played with these services but… I just wanted to have a high-level…

Den Fotografen fotografieren

Jetzt hat es sich doch mal rentiert, einen Fotografen zu fotografieren. Martin, unser Fotograf letztes Jahr, hat Fotos, die ich letztens von ihm geschossen habe, in einen Blogpost verbastelt. Freut mich, sehr sogar! :) Behind the Scenes: standesamtliche Hochzeit in Ulm Ich kann ihn au├čerdem wirklich bedingungslos empfehlen! Bei seiner…

Facebook Experiment

The Facebook experiment I started exactly one year ago ended almost ended yesterday. I decided to delete my account because of Facebook’s privacy policy. It’s just ridiculous, far beyond common sense and I really don’t see a reason for accepting something that stupid.