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I would have commented on YouTube but, well. No account, no comment. Hence, I decided to share the video here. One of the many black holes of the Internet.

Really, really inspiring. Will help decide young people what to do. Or what not to do. Either way, helps keeping the thoughts going crazy :) Thanks!


Slightly offended printer



Somebody has smoked something

Exception when trying to uninstall QuickTime


Programming Sucks

The headline is not quite true. But there is, sadly or scarily, a lot a truth in the article…


GMX listed on SORBS again

Today, rejected mails from GMX users. This was because the GMX servers are (again) listed in the SORBS database. The mail server con­fig­ur­a­tion was revised so that this issue should be resolved, effective now (20:26, 2013-01-21).

Sorry for the incon­veni­ence.


Software Development

Richard's guide to software development

(found on


Gnome Shell and Multi-Monitor Support

The default behaviour of Gnome Shell for the (quite popular) multi-monitor setup was to move only the primary workspace when switching work­spaces. That means that the second monitor and so the addi­tion­al space was kind of wasted. That behaviour could be modified so that both monitor work­spaces are switched (using ctrl-alt-up/down, for instance) by setting the workspaces_only_on_primary gconf entry to false.

With Gnome 3.3/3.4, the gconf backend was appar­ently replaced by the gsettings backend and dconf. So now the new command reads:

gsettings set workspaces-only-on-primary false

Just a note to myself.


Get nominated for MBA and Dr.”

Why should I want to have an MBA? Btw, the numbers for inside and outside the US are the same. That’s kind of a bad service, no? :)

Hello Baer,
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A Trip to İYTE, Part V

This will be the last post con­cern­ing my trip to Turkey this year. During the next days, I’ll only try to update the previous posts and this one in order to add some pictures or correct typos.

Even though I probably don’t need to stress it again, the tem­per­at­ure didn’t change again. We’ve had a strong breeze from time to time which greatly influ­enced the felt air tem­per­at­ure, though. That was indeed very welcome as walking through the bazaar can be quite exhaust­ing at times, the most tedious part being con­stantly rejecting the tourist hunters who want you to eat döner or lahmacun, drink beer, or visit their shops just a few meters away. This time we even managed to not get jumped. At least we think so or didn’t notice.

As for today it’s worth noting that we visited Konak Pier, a Turkish high society shopping mall. The prices are com­par­able to that ones in Germany plus a bonus for the peer and the sea around it on top. Then, by reducing the price by 2050% because of sales, you might reach a price more realistic than the one presented. Taking photos within that peer is not allowed, at least that is what we were told by the security standing next to the metal detector at the entrance. Konak Pier is, in my opinion, only worth visiting to see that place from inside. I per­son­ally wouldn’t spend a cent or kuruş in the shops.

Having been to that place made us keep walking along the water front before returning to the bazaar. Back there, I wanted to buy some small stuff which, after virtually walking through the whole area, took again some time. As I also wanted to buy some Turkish sweets in a shop just next to the bazaar and because it already was quite late, we had to hurry up a bit. Having started to walk in that direction a bit more speedy, a pidgin hit the ground in a not-so-nice manner just about two meters away from us. The pidgin’s right leg only shrug once after the impact. That is at least what we were able to see any. Looking above the rooftops, a quite large seagull with some feathers left in its beak looked down a bit detached. For­tu­nately, it was a direct flight without an inter­me­di­ate stop on my head.

After having spent quite some Turkish Lira on sweets, the day seemed over and about to be ter­min­ated suc­cess­fully with all tasks finished.

It was a really nice and also a quite hot week in Turkey with even some free time and a visit to Izmir. Next time I’ll be prepared and have organised the trip more thor­oughly :)

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RoboCup GO 2010 Pictures

RoboCup German Open 2010, Magdeburg, Germany
RoboCup German Open 2010

It took a while but I finally managed to upload the pictures we took during the RoboCup German Open 2010 in Magdeburg. Just as usual, they are available in my gallery.

Actually, these pictures show only what happened during the weekend; I joined them on Saturday. We (they) finished just as every year, ranked fourth. No matter, have fun! :)