Facebook Experiment

The Facebook experiment I started exactly one year ago ended almost ended yesterday. I decided to delete my account because of Facebook’s privacy policy. It’s just ridiculous, far beyond common sense and I really don’t see a reason for accepting something that stupid.

Kryptotag 3

On thursday I gave my second talk at the third Kryptotag in Darmstadt. It was as interesting as the last time. A really great idea to organize something like this in Germany, particularly because security and cryptology is a bit underrepresented here. I’ve put the slides and the abstract here.

ipv6 again

The newly registered IPv6 tunnel is down again. Something went wrong, don’t actually know what. Nevertheless, I won’t re-register with tunnelbroker. I got a new IPv6-range from, an Internet and networking association from Ulm/Neu-Ulm, Germany. The latency will therefore decrease quite a lot, from approximately about 200-400 ms to…